Review the Smart Course Workspace as an Instructor

How to review the Inspark Demos as an instructor

Once access to the Smart Course has been granted (email if you need access), in the Smart Sparrow platform, experience the instructor Workspace for:

Also, check out the Smart Sparrow components page with lots of great simulations, from graphing tools to DNA Builders to 3D molecules and much more. All these can be incorporated into lessons using templates.

To review a lesson as an instructor:

  1. Access one of the Demos above by clicking the offering and logging in.
  2. Make sure you have Lessons (near where it says Students and Reports) selected so see a list of lessons in the Class.
  3. Click the drop-down to the right of the lesson you would like to review. Select Preview.Workspace Lesson Preview
  4. Access any screen in the lesson by selecting the Screens on the left. Note that some screens may be dependent on input and actions from previous screens. Workspace Screens
  5. Simulate feedback for misconceptions or move to the next screen by applying the correct answer using Adaptivity by clicking APPLY ACTIONS for the correct response. Workspace Adaptivity

Checking the Answer on Screens

Watch this short video or read the instructions below.

To review the correct answer, or incorrect responses and feedback, on a screen:

  1. As above, log in to Smart Sparrow, select CLASSES from the top and choose the Class you wish to review. 
  2. Make sure you have Lessons (near where it says Students and Reports) selected so see a list of lessons in your Class.
  3. Click on the lesson name you wish to check, which will take you to a lesson page.
  4. Click OPEN IN AUTHOR. Don’t worry you will be in read only mode so you won’t be able to change the lesson.
  5. Select the screen on the left, then the Correct State under ADAPTIVITY bottom left. You will see the conditions that trigger the correct answer in the CONDITION+ section and the feedback given to the student by clicking in the text next to Edit Feedback. In the example below, the correct answer is the first, third, and fourth option in the multi-select input. You can try it yourself by clicking PREVIEW top right. You can also see the conditions for incorrect responses, marked orange in the under ADAPTIVITY.