Preview lessons in the Instructor Workspace

How to review the Inspark Offerings as an instructor

Whether you are accessing your existing class of a demo. This article will help you navigate the instructor experience of previewing lessons. For Demo access, please read here

To review a lesson as an instructor:

  1. Access one of the Demos above by clicking the offering and logging in.
  2. Make sure you have Lessons (near where it says Students and Reports) selected so see a list of lessons in the Class.
     Lessons tab
  3. Click the drop-down Lesson dropdownto the right of the lesson you would like to review. Select Preview
    Preview Lesson
  4. Access any screen in the lesson by selecting the Screens on the left. Instructor Preview lets you view the slides in a lesson in chronological order or by skipping around slides. Note that some screens may be dependent on input and actions from previous screens. 


    Please watch the video below for a walkthrough of how to use the “Screens” view:

    How to skip screens


Simulate feedback for misconceptions or move to the next screen by applying the correct answer using by clicking Force Adaptivity for the correct response. 

Checking the Answer on Screens

While in lesson Preview on the left hand side, click on the “Adaptivity” icon

You'll notices that the first multiple choice question (MCQ) on this screen has choice three (120 meters) marked as the correct answer.

Please watch the videos below for a walkthrough of how to use the “Adaptive” view.

There are two different answer types. One for Components and another for Simple Inputs.

For Components:

Show Correct on Components

For Simple Inputs:

How to Check for answers on simple inputs