How do I create a rubric on the Peer Review Tool?

Don't forget you can customize your own rubric for your assignments. Here's how.

Create and Edit a Rubric

  1. Click the Rubric button at the top of the page.
  2. Click on + New Rubric to create a copy of the default rubric.
    1. NOTE: You can click Clone Rubric to copy an existing custom rubric after selecting it.
  3. Click Edit Rubric to edit the title and criteria.
    1. NOTE: Criteria are essentially topic titles, and questions go in the prompt sections below. 
    2. WARNING: Once a Rubric has been assigned to an assignment with students enrolled and the due date passed for the 1st draft, you can no longer edit OR delete the rubric.
  4. Edit Criteria as desired.
    1. To delete a whole criterion, click the trash icon.
    2. To add a new criterion, click Add Criterion.
    3. To include a multiple choice question, check the box next to MCQ Prompt, type your question in the text box, and select any other settings.
    4. To include a written feedback question, check the box next to Written Feedback Prompt and type your question in the text box.
    5. To show a range slider that allows a student to rate a draft from 0 to 4 for this criterion, check the box next to Show Rating Slider.
  5. Click Save Changes.