How do I create assignments on the Peer Review Tool?

Done with your account creation and ready to make assignments?

Create an assignment

  1. Click the Assignment button at the top.
  2. Click on + New Assignment and enter your assignment details.
  3. Enter detailed instructions, or link to instructions.
  4. Set due dates for the Draft and Final submission.
    1. NOTE: By default due dates are set to 12:00am/midnight. At the moment, due date cannot be set by hour.
    2. WARNING: Be careful not to set the due date to today’s date! Once a due date has transpired, options for editing the assignment are limited and students may no longer be added or removed.
  5. Enroll students by entering their email addresses separated by semicolons, or copy and paste in all your student email addresses at once, using a spreadsheet for example.
    1. WARNING: Your students will not be emailed or notified by the tool so you must let them know where to go to get started (see the Student Quick Start).
    2. WARNING: If your students try to sign up with a different email address than the one you used to enroll them they will receive the following message: “You currently don’t have any assignments. If you feel there is an error, please speak with your instructor to ensure they have your correct email address to add you to the class assignment”.
  6. Click ​Create Assignment​ to submit.
  7. Direct your students to ​​ by either emailing your students directly or adding the URL as a weblink in your LMS, if using, along with the Student Quick Start.
  8. Review the student experience by reading the Student Quick Start.

Above is an example of the Peer Review Tool in Student Mode. This is what a student peer reviewing another student’s work will see. The Rubric on the left can be customized to each assignment.

Editing Assignments

  1. Click ​Assignments​ and select the assignment you wish to edit from on the left. This will open the assignment dashboard. Above is a sample assignment in Instructor Mode

  2. To edit assignment details, click on the pencil icon at the top right. Editable details include title, description, due dates, and number of reviews per student.
    1. NOTE: You may not edit due dates, number of reviews, enrolled students, or the rubric it uses if the 1st draft due date has passed.
  3. To enroll more students, click on the + Add student  icon at the top of the student list, next to ​Student Name​.
  4. To delete a student or review their draft, click the three dot icon next to the student’s name.