How do I enroll students?

Enrolling students through your institutions LMS or manually by email? LMS admin and faculty, find more information here.

Our team will have made you a Class to teach with, or you will have created your own if using BioBeyond. Please ensure that it is correctly set to either LMS or manual enrollment (or even self-enrollment).


IMPORTANT: You can check this by logging into your Workspace at, clicking CLASSES top right, and selecting your Class. If the ENROLL STUDENTS button is greyed out, as below, you have LMS enrollment set. 

Where do I find my class ID?

Each class created for instructors has a unique alpha-numeric ID. This ID is the same for your instructor Workspace and student Learnspace. You can distinguish these links by what follows

The instructor Workspace link:

The student Learnspace link:


We strongly recommend using a Learnspace for your course. If you would not like a Learnspace and would instead like to link each lesson, please contact 

LMS Enrollment

For the IT Department:

This step is to be completed by your IT department. Please ask them to email They will need to choose the LMS they are using and add Smart Sparrow as an External Tool or App

IMPORTANT: The LMS administrator will need to check if the integration is working as per these instructions.

For Faculty:

  1. Before you associate Smart Sparrow content with your LMS you’ll have to make sure Smart Sparrow is added as Tool Provider. Your LMS administrator can do with the instructions above.
  2. First, add the Association Flow URL ( to your LMS Course as an External Tool URL.
  3. Launch the external tool item to begin the Smart Sparrow Class Association Flow.
  4. Select the existing class, which was made for you by the Inspark team. If you already have a Class set up for LMS Enrollment in Smart Sparrow choose “Select an existing Class from your Workspace.”
  5. Ensure you choose the option to Select an existing Class from your Workspace. If you don’t see the class you are looking for, it might already be associated with another LMS Course or it might not be set up for LMS Association. If you don’t see any classes at all, check to make sure the class is shared with the same email address you use to login to your LMS.
  6. Please make sure you have set the URL in your LMS to open in a new window or tab in the browser; this is usually a checkbox setting in the LMS.
  7. Your class should have a Learnspace. You’ll be asked if you want to associate the Learnspace or an individual lesson. Choose the Associate Learnspace option and click Done. Choosing to associate individual lessons in Classes that have a Learnspace is rare and will cause problem if not first set up by the Inspark Team. 

    IMPORTANT: Associating individual lessons is not supported and will cause access issues for your students if your class has an existing learnspace.

Note for Canvas users: Please make sure you add the URL as an Assignment and not a Module.

Manual Enrollment

For Faculty:

  1. Select your Class (see above) and click ENROLL STUDENTS and paste their institution email addresses from a spreadsheet.
  2. Click ENROLL STUDENTS to send your students a welcome email with their LEARNSPACE URL and login details, including a temporary password.
    1. Note: If students have difficulty logging in, they can select “Forgot your password?” and enter the email they were enrolled with to receive a password reset link.  
  3. It is recommended that you then click LEARNSPACE URL and copy the URL and put it somewhere your students can access it, such as a weblink in your LMS or whichever tool you are using.