How do I create a class, give extensions, review lessons, and add assistants?

Register for your non-BioBeyond Inspark offering or set up your BioBeyond class with the Class Set Up Tool. Learn how to adjust lesson start & end dates, remove classes, provide extensions here, and add assistants here.

If you have already used an Inspark course offerings in the past, and/or are familiar with all the steps in this guide, you can skip ahead and sign up for the next semester.

If you have any issues with the below, please contact and include information on what you are teaching and any URLs or screenshots from your Inspark Course.

Create Your Class & Choose Your Lessons

Inspark Smart Courses should be used as a textbook replacement, but can also be used partially as a supplement.

For BioBeyond:

Click here to launch the Class Setup Tool. You will be asked to login to Smart Sparrow if you are not already.

  • For use as a textbook replacement: select the units you will be using. Removing individual lessons from units is not recommended and is difficult to support.
  • For use as a supplement: Selecting unit 3 (Journey to the Galapagos). Other units are not recommended as standalone supplemental material and are difficult to support.

For other Inspark course offerings:

Please fill out the Teach with Inspark Form. Then we will set up your Class via email and share it with you.

Contact if you are unsure which units to use.


  • Ensure that you make the Inspark course a significant component of the student grade reflecting the time spent by students on the lessons; at least 30% or 40% if it is a textbook replacement, ideally more depending whether you are teaching blended or fully online. 
  • Consider taking a few minutes during class time to walk through the first lesson with the students to better familiarize students new to using Inspark Smart Courses.

Adjusting Lesson Start / End Dates & Removing Lessons

You may want to modify start and end dates for each lesson, or leave all your lessons open and just take snapshots of student grades throughout the semester (see below). To change the date:

  • Select the menu for the desired unit and click Edit.

  • Click Edit and adjust dates. You can also adjust dates for a single lesson by selecting the drop-down for the lesson and Edit.
  • You can remove a lesson by clicking Cancel, but we strongly recommend you email us first before trying this so you don’t remove a critical piece of the course that will cause technical issues for your students.


IMPORTANT: Please reach our to to have a lesson added back into your class. 

Giving an Extension

To give select students an extension and override the activated Lesson end date:

  1. From your Smart Sparrow Workspace click CLASSES, select your class, and click the Lessons tab.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Lesson name and select Add Extension. (If you don’t see this option, please contact us.)

  1. Type in the name or email address of the student, and select them from the auto-populated options. You can select multiple students at once to give them all the same extension date.
  2. Check Set end date and set the new end date for that student.
  3. Click ADD to see the student’s name added to the list of students with activated extensions. 
  4. Repeat steps 3–5 for as many students as necessary.
  5. Select DONE to save these new extensions.

You can always visit the extension window for any Lesson to review which students have an extension, or hover over the Start Date column in the Lessons tab to review all activated due dates.

REMINDER: Obtain student feedback on the use of the Inspark course offering by assigning your optional End of Semester Student Survey. 

The End of Semester Student Survey is automatically made available for students. Participation is optional and the lesson is worth zero points. Students are asked questions that will provide you with actionable insights for next term.

See additional instructions on how to view student results.

Adding an Assistant

If you are an assistant or owner of a Class, you can add other assistants by going to the Class click to the right of the owner's name:

Enter the email of the assistant(s). Be sure to click both Add assistants AND Apply Changes.