How do I get started?

New to teaching with Inspark? Want a reminder on payment processes? See how to sign up with Inspark and how to choose a payment process here.

If you have already used an Inspark Smart Course in the past, and/or are familiar with all the steps in this guide, you can skip ahead and sign up for the next semester.

Sign Up

If you have not already done so, please:

  1. Sign up to teach.
  2. Become an Inspark Member at We will grant access to instructor resources within 24 hours.

Payment Process

The cost to students for the full offering, usually used as a textbook replacement, is normally $40 per student. A reduced rate of $25 can be offered for partial use of the offering. Students have access to this for as long as they need, like a textbook. For details about the cost of each offering, please see our catalog.

Institution Payment

If your institution will be paying for students, an invoice will be sent to your institution near the end of the term. Your students will not see a paywall. 

Student Payment

If your institution is not paying for students, students will see the paywall when they first open the Learnspace.

They will see three options for access:

  1. Start a free trial
  2. Use an access code (a 10-digit alphanumerical code)
  3. Pay with a credit card

By default, Inspark offers a 14-day free trial from the first day of the class to get a feel for the course and start some lessons. To begin the course without paying, students can select Start a free trial and then hit Continue. With each day that passes, the number of remaining days for the 14-day free trial will update. All work done during the free trial is saved and students can continue their lessons from the point they left off.

After the trial ends, they will be prompted to pay the access fee. They can pay with a credit card or use an access code. Check with your campus bookstore to see if they stock Inspark Courseware access codes. 

Bookstore Orders

For bookstore orders of Inspark Courseware access codes, please send a purchase order to

Instructor Support

If you have any issues with the above, please email and include information on what you are teaching and any URLs or screenshots from your Smart Course. Alternatively, try the chat on this page.