What curriculum resources are offered?

Curriculum resources are shared in an email after your class is created, but for BioBeyond instructors, here are resources that require a log-in.

If you have already used an Inspark Smart Course in the past, and/or are familiar with all the steps in this guide, you can skip ahead and sign up for the next semester.

If you have any issues with the below, please contact support@inspark.education and include information on what you are teaching and any URLs or screenshots from your Smart Course.

Curriculum & Instructor Resources

Once access has been granted to the instructor resources, at www.inspark.education, from the Inspark team, you will be able to explore curriculum and assessment details:

  1. Check your inbox for an automated email from Smart Sparrow with your temporary password. You can reset your password here if you can’t find the email.
  2. Go to www.inspark.education and Log in top right of the page. You will be asked to update your password.
  3. We will provide you with resources to review your Smart Course and explore the curriculum.
    • For BioBeyond:
      1. Select BioBeyond from the list of Smart Courses and then Explore Now.
      2. Click Curriculum to read about each unit and structure. Click Assessment to read about how BioBeyond grades students.
      3. You will also be able to access a test bank, OpenStax textbook mapping/syllabus, and more.
      4. Click Resources, then access the Unit Cheat Sheets. This document is to be used later when you are reviewing the course in the instructor preview.

For other Smart Courses you will have received these documents via email.

Summary of Must-Read Resources

For BioBeyond:

For other Smart Courses, please see the email from our team with linked resources.