Activating Student Survey

Activating the End-of-Semester Student Survey

The student survey is automatically available for students to complete. To ensure that the survey is activated within your Smart Course:

  1. Search the Lessons section under your course.
    • Use the list below for the title of the survey lesson for each Smart Course
      • Anatomy & Physiology Lab Manual = End of A&P Lab Manual Survey
      • Anatomy & Physiology Primer = End of A&P Primer Survey
      • BioBeyond = End of Semester BioBeyond Survey
      • Critical Chemistry = End of Semester Survey
      • HabWorlds = Conclusion
  2. Confirm the Lesson Status as Active.
  3. If the Lesson is not indicated as Active, click on the lesson title.
  4. On the Lesson homepage, select the Activation link listed in the menu bar to open the survey to students.

View Student Results – Question Explorer Analytics

  1. From the Lesson homepage,  view the student submissions using the Question Explorer Analytics tool by selecting the Analytics tab.
  2. To review analytics from one class, change the analytics  filter from Activation to the the name of your Class Deployment.  The Analytics overview page is shown as  the default Analytics page, but you can come back to it by selecting Overview from the Analytics filter.
  3. The Overview page shows your students’ progress and results at a glance.You can change the view of the analytics by selecting Student Results or Question Explorer from the dropdown menu in the top left of the Analytics page.
  4. To export the student results to a .csv file click the Export all to CSV button. This exports the whole table, regardless of the current filter applied.

    For additional reporting options and download instructions, see our Knowledge Base on Viewing Student Results & Responses.